Grade 4/5: Mining

Intermediate students enjoy the opportunity to learn about mineral resources and the mining. It is all new to them! This resource is written with a thematic approach to mining, integrating learning across the curriculum. Students examine mining in the past, present and future. They are introduced to rocks and minerals and the rock cycle, as well as BC’s mining communities, how ore deposits are discovered and mined, how we use minerals and metals, mining careers, and mining and the environment.

  • includes a 350-page teacher’s binder with BLMs, worksheets, answer keys, plus and a wealth of support materials;
  • the worksheets and answer keys and a selection of support materials are available in French;
  • Grade 4/5 Integrated Resource Unit on Mining curriculum correlations

The Grade 5 Integrated Resource Unit on Mining is available to teachers and student teachers only through a half-day instructional workshop. Find out when the Next In-Service Workshop is.